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Citizenship in Malta

Malta has recently created a Citizenship program which gives individuals the possibility of having a second citizenship within an EU country which is also part of the Schengen visa zone. In addition, Malta is politically stable, tax-friendly and has a prosperous economy that is continuously on the rise with great opportunities and conditions for investment.

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What are the benefits of acquiring a Maltese passport?

Becoming a Maltese citizen grants you the following advantages:

  • EU citizenship for descendants which includes the eligibility to live and work in any of the EU countries. Visa-free travel to over 160 countries in the world.
  • A favourable tax regime with double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries.
  • A high standard of living.
  • A good and sound education.. Malta has an array of private and public schools to choose from and a reputable university.
  • State of the art health care
  • Stability and security. Malta has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.
  • Malta accepts dual nationality, which means that an individual may retain citizenship in his domiciled country.

Will I have any Responsibilities after becoming a Maltese Citizen?

Every individual who acquires citizenship will be expected to act within the boundaries of the Constitution of Malta and Maltese laws and act in the best interest of the State. If such individual decides to be registered for tax purposes in Malta, taxes would also need to be paid on an annual basis.
The Constitution of Malta requires all citizens to exercise their civil rights by exercising voting rights. This however is only valid if the individual has been a resident of Malta for six months preceding the eighteen month period prior to an election.

Why Malta Citizenship by Investment is the way to go

The Maltese Citizenship by Investment program provides an individual with an opportunity to become a Maltese citizen after making a contributory investment in Malta as per the requirements of the “Malta Individual Investor Programme” (MIIP). The eligibility criteria for Citizenship by investment is very well defined and straightforward although applicants are subject to respond to eligibility requirements
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Other options of acquiring the Maltese Citizenship are Citizenship by Birth, by Marriage or by Naturalization.

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