Citizenship Antigua and Barbuda by Investment Program


  • Twin island nation state in the Eastern Caribbean
  • One of the Caribbean’s most prosperous nations
  • Major language: English
  • Area: 442 sq km
  • Population: 95,000
  • GDP: USD 2.4 bil
  • GDP per capita: USD 26,300
  • Tourism continues to dominate the economy of Antigua and Barbuda, accounting for 60% of GDP and 40% of investment

Passport of Antigua and Barbuda allows visa free access to over 130 countries, including the UK, Schengen countries, Hong Kong and Singapore. Being a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, one can profit from zero tax on worldwide income.


There are two main ways of acquiring the citizenship:

- Contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF)USD 100,000 for a family of 1-4; USD 125,000 for family of 5 or more;


- Real Estate Investment Purchase of a property with a price of at least USD 400,000;

The above-mentioned fees do not include the following additional administrative fees: Processing fee USD 25,000 (for a family of 1-4) plus USD 15,000 for any additional person; Due diligence fee of USD 7,500 for principal applicant, USD 7,500 for a spouse (there is no due diligence fee for children under 12 years old; USD 2,000 for children aged 12-17 and USD 4,000 for children 18-25); USD 300 passport fee per person; USD 17,500 for licensed agent fee. Overall – additional USD 58,700 for a family of 4 with children under 12 years old.


The passport is acquired in 3 months.

Due diligence

Moderate due diligence process.

Main benefits

  • Visa free access to over 130 countries (Schengen area, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong);
  • Personal security (comfort and security in the event of political and social upheavals);
  • Single investment covers an entire family of 4;
  • Zero tax on the internationally earned income and solid asset protection laws;
  • Ranked as number one program in the Caribbean region and number four worldwide;
  • No language test;
  • Negligible minimal stay requirement (5 days over 5 years).

Potential disadvantages

  • Citizenship is not open to the nationals of Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen and Syria;
  • Very strict conditions of passport application for citizens of Iran and Iraq.

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