Citizenship in Bulgaria by Investment Program


  • Country in the Easter Balkans
  • Joined the EU in 2007, currently the country already enjoys all the benefits of being a full-fledged EU member
  • Area: 110,000sqm
  • Population: 7.1 mil
  • Major Language: Bulgarian
  • GDP: USD 152 bil
  • GDP per capita: USD 21,600;
  • The country offers favorable investment regime and flat corporate income taxes

Full-fledged EU Citizenship program with a full access to the EU and EEA countries.


There are two main ways of acquiring Bulgarian passport:

- Full Investment
EUR 1,024,000 investment in the Bulgarian Government Bonds (the investment is returned to the applicant after 5 years);


- Financed Investment
EUR 290,000 – non-refundable fee including all administrative and state fees. This option became possible thanks to the financing offered by the Swiss bank based in Luxembourg that invests EUR 1,024,000 on behalf of the applicant; thus, a part of EUR 290,000 is also used to pay off the interest on the loan.

The Full Investment option does include the total administrative and service fee of EUR 40,000.


Permanent residence is acquired within 6 months and citizenship in 18 months.

Due diligence

Moderate due diligence process.

Main benefits

  • Ability to live, work and travel in the EU and EEA states;
  • 10% income and corporate tax and free trade with the rest of EU;
  • The investment covers the immediate family (spouse and dependent children);
  • The full investment will be returned to the applicant after 5 years;
  • No language test;
  • Negligible minimal stay requirement (only one visit to Bulgaria just for a day).

Potential disadvantages

Currently the holders of the Bulgarian passports do not have a visa free access to the USA – the Bulgarian citizens should apply for a 10-year US visa (through a simplified procedure). However, the visa-free access should be open in 2019.

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