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Guiding you Through the Intricacies and Possibilities of Establishing Your Business in Malta

Capitalising upon our insiders’ expertise with Maltese law and decades of experience with European Union regulations, Integritas assists individuals and corporations to maximise their financial growth and security. Read here to find out how Integritas can help you take advantage of all Malta has to offer.

Malta Company formation

Integritas is highly experienced in assisting clients with the Company incorporation procedure and the maintenance thereof in Malta. Malta's renowned competitive tax system, extensive network of Double Taxation Agreements, and English-speaking educated workforce make it an increasingly popular vehicle for business from all over the world.

Registering your company in Malta provides an efficient, cost-effective pathway to becoming a European Union-based company of choice.

Malta is a premium locality for effective asset-holding structure, founding and expanding an international trading company, establishing a ship-owning company, or serving as an investment vehicle or a captive insurance company.

Let Integritas guide you to the possibilities available in Malta!

Features of the Malta Registered Company

While a member of the European Union, there are specific benefits to and regulations for companies registered in Malta, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with these.

A Malta-based company may be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary documents. The minimum share capital of a Malta company is €1,165, which may be only 20% paid up.

Registration fees are comparatively low in Malta, starting from €245 for a company with a minimum share capital.

A Malta-based private company requires a local registered office, at least one director and one company secretary, and is usually incorporated with two shareholders to enable the company to provide more than one activity. Shareholders may be screened by appointing a fiduciary company to act on their behalf, which ensures complete confidentiality.

The renewal of the registration of a Malta company occurs on an annual basis, and Malta-based companies are required to prepare and submit financial statements (which should also be audited).

Taxation in Malta

Tax rates in Malta are among the very best in the EU, especially for companies set up by non-resident shareholders. Let us guide you to the most cost-efficient, legal structure for you.

By maintaining a close relationship with the Malta Financial Services Authority, along with our own expertise on Maltese law, Integritas can ensure effective company compliance. Our experts allow you to put your focus where you want: on managing your business and securing success.

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Integritas is highly experienced in assisting clients with the incorporation procedure and the maintenance of companies in Malta.

Maltese regulations present many opportunities, but you’ll want to be guided by experts who can navigate the laws in Malta and insure your business in the European Union as well. Contact us today at Integritas for more detailed information!

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