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Your Guide to Personal and Financial Services in Malta and Throughout the European Union

From attaining a Maltese passport, acquiring Maltese residence, allowing you visa-free access to 168 countries (including all EU member states, the UK, USA, and Canada), to setting up companies and physical offices in Malta, from mergers and acquisitions to setting up a trust account, the professionals of the Integritas Group will expertly handle your personal, business, and corporate needs.

What can Integritas do for you?

Are you looking for a business-friendly nation with highly competitive tax rates? How about professionals who are trained to work both with local Maltese and European regulations?

Then allow the Integritas Group to guide you toward financial security and expansion on the sunny shores of Malta.

Integritas Group is the clear choice for firms and individuals looking to manage businesses and assets from the Mediterranean island-nation of Malta.

From company incorporation, mergers, and management to establishing personal residency or locating physical or virtual offices in Malta, Integritas Group’s integrated services provide you a centralized, knowledgeable hub for your business planning.

We specialise in assisting clients with:

  • Residence by Investment (RBI): with a 15% tax rate for some specialists, let us advise you regarding the steps to Maltese (and EU) citizenship
  • Citizenship by Investment (CBI): for exemplary business leaders who’d like to relocate to Malta
  • Company incorporation: take advantage of Malta’s advantageous taxation and educated, English-speaking workforce
  • Company Maintenance: let us keep you ahead of changes
  • Corporate Structures: put our organisational experience to work for you
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: let us strategise and organise the growth of your corporation
  • Redomiciliation of Companies and Registration of Branches in Malta: expand your business into the EU
  • Trusts: let us ensure the future of your assets
  • Property Acquisition and Rental: plant your feet in sunny Malta! Let us assist you in setting up offices, securing a flat, or in renting out your own property

The Integritas Group’s team of experts offers a host of financial services for all your individual and corporate needs. Explore how we can guide you toward the security and expansion of your assets.

The expertise and experience you need
The Integritas Group is a Malta-based, multidisciplinary firm. We provide trusteeship, corporate, residence , and fund services to clients around the world with a special interest in assets and business in the European Union (EU).

With over thirty years of expertise in Swiss Private Banking, EU Trusts, Immigration and an international network of partners, Integritas is uniquely experienced to let you take advantage of the unique services, opportunities, and structures of Malta while having reach into the EU.

By integrating our expertise in corporate services with our native knowledge of the advantages from Malta’s laws, we provide our clients with practical, long-term, and tax-efficient solutions.

Our commitment to you is to provide prompt, individualised attention that maximizes your investment and optimizes your time. Integrity toward our clients, partners, and our own personnel is the core value of Integritas Group.

To learn more about our background and how our experience uniquely qualifies us to establish your business in Malta and grow it worldwide, click here.

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