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The responsibilities of a director

When analysing the structure of a business, it is important to und...

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Setting up a trust fund in Malta

Trust funds in Malta are becoming a more popular way to manage property or funds for third party beneficiaries.

How to transfer shares in a Maltese company

Maltese law requires that a company has at least two shareholders, although exemptions can be made provided that the company fulfils certain obligations.

The Difference between Duties of a Director and Duties of a Company Secretary

Two of the most important posts within an organisation’s management hierarchy are those of director and company secretary.

The responsibilities of a director

When analysing the structure of a business, it is important to understand the role that directors have within a company. Different companies have different hierarchies and therefore, it is also important to understand that there are different types of directorship. The responsibilities of each director towards a company’s operations, is different.

Opening a bank account in Malta

With regulations and bank checks becoming tighter in the last few years, opening a bank account in an EU country has changed but not very much. Both EU and non-EU nationals can open bank accounts in Malta.

Taxation of Employment income – comparison between domiciled and non-domiciled

To fully understand the tax opportunities that arise out of taxation of non-domiciled residents in Malta, it is essential to understand the meaning of domicile and resident status under Maltese law.

Malta Credit Rating

During the month of August, respected international credit rating institution Fitch, has increased Malta’s credit rating from A to A+.

Reasons why Malta is ideal to register airplanes

Malta is an island nation, sitting right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed with a beautiful mild climate and steeped in history and tradition, the country is a booming European Union member state, perfect to register airplanes.

Reasons why Malta is ideal to register yachts and private vessels

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is an archipelago which has a long and rich history intertwined with the sea. It is a modern EU state, and an idyllic sailing and yachting destination blessed with incredible scenery.

Education in Malta

Education in Malta has quite high standards. As a result, numerous foreign individuals who are participating in Maltese residence and Citizenship programmes are opting to have their family educated in Malta.

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