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IIP to be scrapped, replaced by residency ...

The Ministry of Home Affairs announced that the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) will be replaced by a new residence programme that can lead to citizenship.

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Private Residential Leases - Tax Rebate ...

On the 23rd of June 2020, the Private Residential Leases (Tax Rebate) Rules, 2020 were published. These rules are contained in Legal Notice 258 of 2020.

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European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) ...

Ever heard of an EEIG?
Did you know that this could be a possible solution to help your business?

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The sole purpose of having a holding ...

A Holding company is a company that owns assets but does not have any operations or active business itself. The company could be a limited liability company or a limited partnership company. The type of assets held by the company are mainly shares in other companies.

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The Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell ...

On the 16th June 2020 the Government issued new regulations under the Companies Act entitled the Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations. These regulations aim to create a new structure to be used by companies operating in the shipping and aviation business, by means of cell companies.

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Alternative Banking Solutions - Electronic Payment Institutions ...

Tired of having to wait indefinitely for the opening of your corporate bank account?

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What is happening to the Maltese CBI ...

The Malta Citizenship by investment programme (MIIP) will be retained, Prime Minister Robert Abela confirmed, stating that he is prepared to introduce any due diligence changes necessary. The Prim Minister insisted that, the scheme has brought a lot of good to the country and preserving this programme is important.

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What do I need to get a ...

The main prerequisite to getting a Maltese Passport in Australia is that you hold Maltese citizenship.

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What do I need to get Maltese ...

It may sound obvious, but the first thing that you need to obtain before getting a Maltese passport in Australia, is Maltese citizenship.

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Amendments to the Merchant Shipping Regulations ...

On the 21st February 2020, Legal Notice 31 of 2020 was published, bringing with it various important amendments to the Merchant Shipping (Shipping Organisations – Private Companies) Regulations.

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