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What do I need to get a ...

The main prerequisite to getting a Maltese Passport in Australia is that you hold Maltese citizenship.

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What do I need to get Maltese ...

It may sound obvious, but the first thing that you need to obtain before getting a Maltese passport in Australia, is Maltese citizenship.

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Amendments to the Merchant Shipping Regulations ...

On the 21st February 2020, Legal Notice 31 of 2020 was published, bringing with it various important amendments to the Merchant Shipping (Shipping Organisations – Private Companies) Regulations.

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The difference between winding up and dissolution ...

Winding up and dissolution are related and two parts of the process which leads to a company ceasing operations and paying off creditors.

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Aviation management companies in Malta ...

Malta has a long-established and illustrious reputation within the aviation sector and one can find a huge cross-section of aviation management companies in Malta, which have taken advantage of excellent facilities and a very favourable tax regime.

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Merchant Shipping Act Malta

All ship registrations in Malta and the provision of related services are regulated by The Merchant Shipping Act Malta, under the auspices of the Transport Ministry which is responsible for maritime affairs.

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The Importance of Family Businesses and their ...

Family-owned businesses are the beating heart of any developed economy, and Malta is no exception.

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Car cash allowance Malta

Car cash allowances can be given to employees in Malta if they use their vehicle while on official business.

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All you need to know about vehicle ...

Vehicle registration in Malta is quite a straightforward affair, which involves applying through Transport Malta, the directorate responsible for all forms of travel on the islands.

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Malta flag state requirements for seafarers ...

Malta ratified the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention in January 2013 and transposed it into the Merchant Shipping Rules under the auspices of the Merchant Shipping Directorate in August of that year.

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