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Citizenship in Malta for Nationals of Vietnam ...

The reasons why an individual decides to relocate are various. If you too have been charmed by the possibility of residing in a beautiful and safe country then the island of Malta is the right place for you.

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Citizenship in Malta for Indonesian expats ...

Indonesian expats intending to move to Malta often think of the tax-friendly and developing investment opportunities but also the great Mediterranean climate.

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Inheritance - Rights of heirs overview ...

Maltese law provides for the rights of inheritance heirs through the express intentions of the deceased through a legal will, or through other means expressly provided for in the absence of a dedicated will.

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What is a Malta Family Trust

The Trust and Trustees Act of the Laws of Malta defines a Malta Family Trust as a trust that has been created to hold property settled by a settlor or settlers for family members or underage family dependents to cater for future needs that are definite and determinable.

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Citizenship in Malta for Nationals of India ...

India is one of the most populated countries in the world and has a lot of financially potent individuals. Many of these individuals have been attracted by the possibilities that Malta offers.

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What is Malta famous for?

Malta is an island paradise enjoying a gorgeous climate, fabulous food, great beaches and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

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Is cryptocurrency legal in Malta? ...

The answer to the question of whether cryptocurrency is legal in Malta is a resounding yes!

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Citizenship in Malta for Chinese Nationals ...

With beautiful scenery, laid back life style but also tax-friendly, Malta has attracted citizens from all over the world.

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What makes a contract legal in Maltese ...

Maltese law defines a contract as a written agreement made between two or more parties which creates obligations which are subject to enforcement and recognition in the eyes of the law.

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What is interest income

The most widely accepted and simple definition of interest income is the revenue that is generated from invested savings made by an individual or a company.

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