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Malta Citizenship for Russian Expats ...

Russian expats planning to move to Malta often have in mind the beautiful scenery and quiet life but also the tax-friendly, politically stable and growing investment opportunities.

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The difference between residency and citizenship ...

Malta’s warm climate, cosmopolitan lifestyle, safe environment and food culture make it a popular destination for expats to make a new life and resettle with their families.

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What is ground rent

The concept of ground rent, historically known as emphyteusis, was once a very popular contract condition in the transfer of property, but it fell into disuse over the years.

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How is rental income taxed?

Not everyone is aware than Malta changed its rental withholding tax options in 2015, which means that as a lessor, you now how even more flexible options of how to go about things related to your rental income.

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Pros and cons of buying property in ...

Malta’s economy is absolutely booming at present with a Gross Domestic Product growth rate of 5.6 percent, which is double the EU average.

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How to transfer shares in a Maltese ...

Maltese law requires that a company has at least two shareholders, although exemptions can be made provided that the company fulfils certain obligations.

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Setting up a trust fund in Malta ...

Trust funds in Malta are becoming a more popular way to manage property or funds for third party beneficiaries.

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The Difference between Duties of a Director ...

Two of the most important posts within an organisation’s management hierarchy are those of director and company secretary.

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The responsibilities of a director ...

When analysing the structure of a business, it is important to understand the role that directors have within a company.

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Opening a bank account in Malta ...

With regulations and bank checks becoming tighter in the last few years, opening a bank account in an EU country has changed but not very much.

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