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Citizenship in Malta for Chinese Nationals

With beautiful scenery, laid back life style but also tax-friendly, Malta has attracted citizens from all over the world.

The good relations between Malta and China have already attracted more than 200 investors to the ideal investment and resettlement destination of the island of Malta.

For Chinese nationals there are several requirements for obtaining the Maltese citizenship. Malta’s Citizenship by Investment Programme requires the main applicant to make a contribution to the state of 650,000 euro and also to rent or acquire a property besides investing 150,000 euro in Government stock.

Julia Farrugia Portelli, the Parliamentary Secretary has applauded the excellent relationship which Malta and the People’s Republic of China have since 1972.

In the past few years Chinese citizens began to make their presence felt on the global investment market, an opportunity that was unattainable until recently. Nearly 83 % of wealthy Chinese citizens are investing in a second citizenship for educational purpose and they are choosing a passport for its benefits.

Maltese Passport Advantages for Chinese Nationals

  • Entitle to European citizenship
  • Right to travel, reside, and work in any EU country
  • Visa free entry to 162 countries and territories including USA, UK and Canada. According to the Global Passport Power Index, as of January 2019, the Maltese passport ranked as the 6thin the world.
  • Access to free and high-quality public healthcare and education
  • Varies taxation schemes, incomes are taxed on remitted basis only
  • Fast acquisition of Citizenship of only 12 months
  • Citizenship for lifetime including family members and can be inherited
  • Anonymity and privacy (Maltese Government does not indicate the method of obtaining citizenship and does not disclose your data)
  • Economy is currently facing a remarkable evolution so investment climate is solid (numbers may stand out better, i.e. The economy grew by 6.7% in real terms in 2017 and positive results have been achieved in various sectors, including local and foreign investment, tourism and exports)

Integritas Group, a well-established firm in the corporate services and the residence and citizenship by investment sector, is striving to provide you with professional guidance while transitioning to your new life in Malta.

Individual Investor Programme (IIP) criteria for Chinese citizens

Malta intends to attract financially stable and reputable individuals who will have a good influence on Malta’s profile.

  • Individuals must provide the mandatory contribution to the Malta Government as follows:
    • € 650000for the Main Applicant
    • € 25000 for the spouse
    • € 25000 for each child under the age of 18
    • €50000 for each child over the age of 18 and other adult dependants
  • The Main Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • All applicants need to be covered by an international health insurance policy which ismaintained for a lifetime
  • All applicants must have clean criminal records as Malta will carry out an elaborate check with Interpol

Citizenship under IIP will not be granted if:

  • The applicant has a criminal record
  • The applicant is a potential threat to Malta’s security and health environment
  • The applicant is involved in any criminal investigation
  • The applicant has been denied visa to any of the countries with visa-free travel agreement with Malta

Since the Individual Investor Programme was launched, Malta was put on the world map as a standout destination for investment, residency and citizenship.

Potential applicants for Malta’s Individual Investor Programme need to make use of the services of Approved Agents (AA) who are authorized and trained to guide them through the whole application process.

Integritas Group is exclusively certified and committed to providing you with professional advice, guidance and submitting application forms on your behalf.

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