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Citizenship in Malta for Indonesian expats

Indonesian expats intending to move to Malta often think of the tax-friendly and developing investment opportunities but also the great Mediterranean climate.

For Indonesian individuals wishing to obtain Maltese citizenship there are several ways to do that.

EU residents are able to apply for citizenship after a period of 6 years of residing in Malta, whereas Indonesians as non EU citizens need to reside in the country for 18 years before applying.

Malta has established the Individual Investor Programme in 2014.

Integritas Group, a professionally established multidisciplinary firm in the residence/citizenship by investment sector, is focused on guiding you throughout the entire process.

Advantages of acquiring a Maltese passport for Indonesian expats

  • Free and high quality of education and medical services
  • Safety and stability, Malta has Europe’s lowest crime rate
  • As of May 2018 the Maltese passport ranked as the 7th in the world according to the Visa Restriction Index so it ensures freedom to travel to 182 countries including UK, USA and Canada
  • Opportunity to reside permanently in any EU or Schengen country
  • Fast process of Citizenship acquisition of only 12 months
  • Beautiful weather all year round
  • Offers a second passport without having to give up the existing one
  • Lifetime citizenship for family members since it is inherited

Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI) is gaining popularity amongst Indonesian nationals who are seeking a tax-friendly, safe and quiet environment for themselves and their family.

Eligibility for Individual Investor Programme for Indonesian citizens

Indonesian nationals can not apply themselves and applications should be filed through an accredited agent.

Integritas Group is an accredited agent authorized to submit the application form for the Individual Investor Programme on behalf of the applicants and assist with the process of applying for citizenship in Malta.

The Indonesian nationals applying for IIP should meet some conditions.

    • Main applicant should be at least 18 years of age
    • They need to be covered by an international health insurance
    • Need to have a clean criminal record as Malta will carry out an elaborate check with the Interpol
    • Must be financially stable to provide the mandatory contribution to the Malta Government as follows:
      • 650000 € for the main applicant
      • 25000 € for the spouse
      • 25000 € for each child under the age of 18
      • 50000 € for each child over the age of 18
      • 50000 € for any other adult family member

The contribution will be done once the application for citizenship has been approved.

Responsibilities for Indonesians as Maltese Citizen

Any new citizenship comes with certain duties and responsibilities.
As a new citizen of Malta, Indonesians are bound to abide by the Constitution of Malta and its laws.

Tax registered Maltese citizens should pay their taxes regularly on an annual basis and they can exercise their right to vote.

With the establishment of the Individual Investor Programme, Malta is now world known as one of the most standout destinations for citizenship and residency.

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