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Citizenship in Malta for Nationals of Vietnam

The reasons why an individual decides to relocate are various. If you too have been charmed by the possibility of residing in a beautiful and safe country then the island of Malta is the right place for you.

Malta has created the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) and attracted financially stable individuals who wish to be part of the small but prosperous nation.

Vietnam, as many of the Asian countries, has a lot of financially potent individuals. Many of these individuals have been attracted by the possibilities that Malta and the Individual Investor Programme have to offer.

Advantages of the Maltese Passport for the Vietnamese Nationals

  • Malta does not require the Vietnamese citizens to know the Maltese language for naturalization and no citizenship tests will be carried out
  • Free travel and the right to work within the Schengen space
  • Visa free entry to 162 countries such as UK, USA, Canada and many more
  • Free high quality education and health care
  • Short processing time of only 12 months
  • Lifetime citizenship not only for the main passport holder but for all your immediate family members

Individuals may not apply for the citizenship themselves and need to contact an accredited agency to submit on their behalf.

Integritas Group, a professional and accredited firm specialized in citizenship by investment, can assist and guide you with all your legal needs for obtaining your Maltese citizenship.

Mandatory Criteria to obtain Maltese Citizenship for Vietnamese

All applicants are required to meet the criteria highlighted in Legal Notice L.N.47 of 2014 (CAP. 188) Clause 2 (a) to (g).

The Vietnamese applicant for Maltese citizenship will have to make a direct contribution to the Maltese Government’s National Development and Social Fund as follows:

  • 650,000 Euros for the main applicant
  • 25,000 Euros for the spouse and each minor child under the age of 18
  • 50,000 Euros for each child between the age of 18 and 26 and each dependent parent over the age of 55
  • The applicants must have a clean criminal record. A check with the Interpol will be carried out by Malta authorities

Integritas Group with its professional relationships in Malta will ensure the Vietnamese clients a complete and smooth service throughout the entire citizenship acquiring process.

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