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What do I need to get a ...

The main prerequisite to getting a Maltese Passport in Australia is that you hold Maltese citizenship.

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The difference between residency and citizenship ...

Malta’s warm climate, cosmopolitan lifestyle, safe environment and food culture make it a popular destination for expats to make a new life and resettle with their families.

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Maltese Passport Requirements through the Individual Investor ...

From its start in 2014 to date, the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme has proven to be very successful, providing a second passport option to individuals and families.

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Changes in the Highly Qualified Persons Rules ...

In 2011 Malta introduced a new tax program called the Highly Qualified Persons Rules (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rules’) which sought to attract highly qualified persons to take up an ‘eligible office’ with licensed or other recognized companies in Malta.

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