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What do I need to get a Maltese Passport in Australia?

The main prerequisite to getting a Maltese Passport in Australia is that you hold Maltese citizenship.

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Citizenship in Malta for Nationals of Vietnam

The reasons why an individual decides to relocate are various. If you too have been charmed by the possibility of residing in a beautiful and safe country then the island of Malta is the right place for you.

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Citizenship in Malta for Indonesian expats

Indonesian expats intending to move to Malta often think of the tax-friendly and developing investment opportunities but also the great Mediterranean climate.

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Citizenship in Malta for Nationals of India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world and has a lot of financially potent individuals. Many of these individuals have been attracted by the possibilities that Malta offers.

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Citizenship in Malta for Chinese Nationals

With beautiful scenery, laid back life style but also tax-friendly, Malta has attracted citizens from all over the world.

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Malta Citizenship for Russian Expats

Russian expats planning to move to Malta often have in mind the beautiful scenery and quiet life but also the tax-friendly, politically stable and growing investment opportunities.

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The difference between residency and citizenship

Malta’s warm climate, cosmopolitan lifestyle, safe environment and food culture make it a popular destination for expats to make a new life and resettle with their families.

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Maltese Passport Requirements through the Individual Investor Programme

From its start in 2014 to date, the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme has proven to be very successful, providing a second passport option to individuals and families.

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Changes in the Highly Qualified Persons Rules for Malta with regards to Third Country Nationals

In 2011 Malta introduced a new tax program called the Highly Qualified Persons Rules (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rules’) which sought to attract highly qualified persons to take up an ‘eligible office’ with licensed or other recognized companies in Malta.

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Citizenship in Malta - Accredited Persons

Mr Frederic Villa and Dr Alexia Galea, on behalf of Integritas Corporate-Services Ltd, an authorised registered mandatory, have now been qualified as accredited persons with respect to the Individual Investor Programme to become naturalised as citizens of Malta! Interested Individuals may contact us for more information...

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Citizenship in Malta

Malta has recently set up an Individual Investor Programme (IIP), whereby an individual of reputable standing may invest an amount of money in the State to become naturalised as a citizen of Malta, subject to strict due diligence tests and investigations. Requirements of IIP Malta is seeking to attract reputable individuals who will be a good influence on the state and who will raise the profile of Malta. The IIP will require an individual to make a contribution in the amount of €650,000 to the State, which will be invested in the eco...

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