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The difference between residency and citizenship

Malta’s warm climate, cosmopolitan lifestyle, safe environment and food culture make it a popular destination for expats to make a new life and resettle with their families.

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What is ground rent

The concept of ground rent, historically known as emphyteusis, was once a very popular contract condition in the transfer of property, but it fell into disuse over the years.

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Pros and cons of buying property in Malta

Malta’s economy is absolutely booming at present with a Gross Domestic Product growth rate of 5.6 percent, which is double the EU average.

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Effects of Brexit on British Expats Residing in Malta

On the 23rd June 2016, British voters were asked whether they wanted the United Kingdom to remain in the EU or not, with the majority voting to leave the EU. In order for the UK to leave the EU, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty had to be triggered; this article incorporates the process for a Member State to leave the EU.

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Notice Period Malta - Employment Rights and Regulations

Working rights and regulations in Malta fall under the responsibility of the Department for Employment and industrial relations. This includes notice periods and payments.

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Maltese Passport Requirements through the Individual Investor Programme

From its start in 2014 to date, the Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programme has proven to be very successful, providing a second passport option to individuals and families.

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Real Estate Property in Malta

Malta is a true Mediterranean island paradise, it looks different to unique from other European countries especially due to the look of properties in Malta, the way the buildings in Malta are built. Nonetheless, also due to the incredible blue sea, relaxed lifestyle and booming economy it is a wonderful place to call home.

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Changes in the Highly Qualified Persons Rules for Malta with regards to Third Country Nationals

In 2011 Malta introduced a new tax program called the Highly Qualified Persons Rules (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rules’) which sought to attract highly qualified persons to take up an ‘eligible office’ with licensed or other recognized companies in Malta.

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First IIP Approval Letters!

Integritas, a multi-disciplinary firm providing corporate, residence and citizenship services to it’s clients worldwide has received its first citizenship approvals under the Individual Investor Programme! It is with pride that we present our clients with the Letter of Approval in Principle, the first few to be provided under the Malta Individual Investor Programme. We also thank Identity Malta for their efficiency, professionalism and integrity in assisting our clients with the process...

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The Residence Programme Rules 2014

The new Residence Programme Rules, Legal Notice 270 of 2014 (hereinafter the ‘Rules’) have recently been published in Malta and have come into force with effect from 1st July 2013. The Rules apply to any EU, EEA or Swiss national, who is not a Maltese national or who benefits under another residence scheme in Malta, or an individual who is a permanent resident of Malta (hereinafter ‘beneficiary’) who qualify for the special tax status in terms of the Rules...

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