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How to Register a Company in Malta

As a European Union member state with a gateway to Africa, there are many benefits when you are registering a company in Malta.

The island nation is a member of the Schengen zone and has a positive ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to business.

The first thing that any prospective business owner must do, is decide on a name to register with the Malta Financial Services Authority’sRegistry of Companies.

Register Your Malta Company Name

The first thing that any prospective business owner should do, is decide on a name for the prospective company which should be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Once that is done, The MFSA will check to see if the name is compliant and not similar to other company names. Incorporating a company in Malta involves the drawing up of a Memorandum and Articles of Association document and a deposit of the paid in minimum share capital as required by law. The company may officially be on the register within 48 hours if all necessary documents are received by the MFSA in good order. The minimum share capital is €1,165 which can be 20% paid up.

Register Your Company Employment and Tax Details

The next steps involve once a company is registered, a business owner may, if applicable, acquire a PE number to register employees, a Tax Identification number, a VAT number, registering with the Employment and Training Corporation and finally register for data protection. Where applicable, planning authority permits for the business site also need to be submitted.

Provided that the financial and legal requirements are met, anyone can register a company in Malta. There are other stipulated conditions, such as the fact that a private company requires a locally registered office in Malta.

Company Structures in Malta

A private company should have at least one director while public companies should have at least two directors. Every company must should a company secretary and usually at least two shareholders. Shareholders may be screened by a fiduciary company. Renewal of company registration takes place every year through the submittal of an annual return. 

How to Register

When setting up a company in Malta, this can be done carried out by the prospective business owner themselves or the process can be carried out by a corporate firm in Malta. The business owner can also give authority to other people involved to act on his or her behalf. Tax agents can also act on behalf of the company.

Malta is a bustling business hub in the centre of the Mediterranean serviced by one of the busiest Freeports in the region. Trading is governed by European Union laws and standards and company tax rates are favourable. The local workforce is skilled, and bilingual with English being the language used for business.

Safety and Malta Company Savings

Apart from the business register side of things, Malta is safe, a good place for families and has an excellent climate, offering a great work/life balance.

Maltese companies pay 35% tax, but refunds to foreign shareholders make the effective rates 5% and 10% on active and passive income respectively.

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