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Procedure to Incorporate a Malta Company

A Malta company may be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority, within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary documents, on the submittal of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, together with the deposit of the share capital and payment of Registry fees. The minimum share capital of a Malta company is Euro 1,165 which can be 20% paid up and the Registry fee based on the minimum share capital is Euro 245, making Malta competitive due to its low registration costs. A private Malta company requires at least one director and one company secretary, where such officers may be foreign or local; however, we strongly recommend that at least one local officer is appointed as this facilitates communication between the Malta company and MFSA and further simplifies the process of obtaining signatures on documents submitted to MFSA. At Integritas, we will assist our clients with the full incorporation procedure and may provide both directorship and secretarial services. Integritas, being licensed by the MFSA to act as a fiduciary and trustee, provides fiduciary shareholding services to its clients, in the event that they do not wish to appear as the shareholder of a Malta company. This is a very important advantage as it guarantees the complete privacy and confidentiality of the underlying beneficial owner. Finally, a Malta company should have a physical registered office in Malta which may be provided by Integritas at its own legal address in Malta.

The registration of every Malta company is renewed annually by means of the provision of an annual return and an annual registration fee. The annual return includes a list of shareholders, directors and secretary of the company, together with the share capital of the company on the date of renewal. The annual registration fee is calculated on the authorized share capital of the company and therefore, a fee of Euro 100 is due on the minimum share capital of the company. Integritas will take care of preparing and submitting the annual return of the Malta company. A company registered in Malta must keep proper financial statements which should also be audited and presented to the Registry of Companies on an annual basis. Integritas is a multi-disciplinary firm and will therefore take care of the preparation of the financial statements of the Malta company and the submittal of the same to the Registry of Companies. Integritas will further claim the tax refunds due to the company by the Inland Revenue Department on behalf of the shareholders.


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