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The sole purpose of having a holding company in your company structure

A Holding company is a company that owns assets but does not have any operations or active business itself. The company could be a limited liability company or a limited partnership company. The type of assets held by the company are mainly shares in other companies.

Holding companies are easy to form and have a relatively low set up cost. All the registration can be done by Integritas which means no need to travel to Malta and such process can be done remotely. Holding companies are limited liability companies which means that the members thereof are limited in their liability, if any, to the amount which is unpaid on the shares they respectively hold. Holding companies help their subsidiary company by using their resources to lower the overall operating costs. Setting up a Maltese holding company requires you to have a minimum share capital of €1,165 and due to Malta’s double taxation agreements and the government does not impose on any of the dividends, profits, interest & royalties are not taxable when being distributed to non-residents and any foreign shareholder. There is no capital gains tax charged in a holding company by outside investors.

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