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Budget 2015 Highlights

  • Income tax to be reduced to 25%

  • Excise tax of 20% per litre on wine

  • Excise tax on cigarettes, tobacco, mobile phones and cement

  • Older cars will face higher licences

  • Price of unleaded petrol to be reduced by 2c and diesel by 1c

  • Excise duty to be introduced on polluting fish farms

  • Stamp duty waiver for first time buyers is extended by 6 months

  • Cost of Living Increase is 58c per week

  • Unemployed people aged under 23 will be urged to follow training under youth guarantee scheme or lose their unemployment benefit

  • 9,000 families at risk of poverty will be given a bonus of Euro 400 for each of their children, as long as they receive an attendance rate of 95% in school

  • Payment for maternity leave raised to minimum wage for last four weeks

  • Animal rights to be enforced

  • Government will invest 8 million Euros to create an Intelligent Traffic Management System to monitor roads and junctions and advise drivers on alternative routes as required

  • Reduce electricity tariffs for businesses by 25%

  • Build a motorsport track and run the Marsa racetrack


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