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Alternative Banking Solutions - Electronic Payment Institutions ...

Tired of having to wait indefinitely for the opening of your corporate bank account?

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3 Important Points for Prevention of Money ...

The removal of barriers to trade, the free movement of capital and people and the emergence of new technology has allowed people in the EU and around the world to better their circumstances, but lack of regulation has created loopholes in the system.

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Getting a mortgage in Malta

One of the biggest mistakes you can make before moving to Malta is not checking what the criteria to be granted a mortgage from the bank are.

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Malta payment services directive ...

The Payment Services Directive was originally introduced in 2009 to create a single market for payments within the European Union.

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Is cryptocurrency legal in Malta? ...

The answer to the question of whether cryptocurrency is legal in Malta is a resounding yes!

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What is interest income

The most widely accepted and simple definition of interest income is the revenue that is generated from invested savings made by an individual or a company.

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Opening a bank account in Malta ...

With regulations and bank checks becoming tighter in the last few years, opening a bank account in an EU country has changed but not very much.

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Malta Credit Rating

During the month of August, respected international credit rating institution Fitch, has increased Malta’s credit rating from A to A+.

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Acquire a Bank Licence in Malta ...

Introduction Banks in Malta are regulated by the Banking Act, 1994 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’) together with the Banking Rules provided by the Malta Financial Services Authority (hereinafter referred to as ‘MFSA’), which are binding on licence holders. The business of banking is defined in the Act as the business of a person who accepts deposits of money from the public withdrawable or repayable on demand or after a fixed period or after notice, or who borrows or raises money from the public (including the ...

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Escrow Services

Due to the increase of global commercial transactions, there has been a demand for third parties to a commercial transaction to hold an asset, such as monies, funds or immovable property and deliver the same to a grantee once the agreed conditions have been met. The commercial transaction and the conditions thereto, as well as the identification of the parties to the transaction and the escrow agent are generally specified in an escrow agreement. Integritas Group Ltd is authorised to act as a trustee and provide fiduciary services under the...

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Electronic Money Institutions in Malta ...

Electronic Money Institutions in Malta are regulated by the Financial Institutions Act, Chapter 376 of the laws of Malta (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’) following Directive 2009/110/EC (hereinafter the ‘Directive’) and are defined as those institutions which are licenced by the Malta Financial Services Authority (hereinafter referred to ‘MFSA’ or the ‘competent authority’) authorised to issue electronic money. Electronic Money is defined by the Third Schedule of the Act and refers to electroni... 

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