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Escrow Services

Due to the increase of global commercial transactions, there has been a demand for third parties to a commercial transaction to hold an asset, such as monies, funds or immovable property and deliver the same to a grantee once the agreed conditions have been met. The commercial transaction and the conditions thereto, as well as the identification of the parties to the transaction and the escrow agent are generally specified in an escrow agreement.

Integritas Group Ltd is authorised to act as a trustee and provide fiduciary services under the Act and has gained extensive experience in providing escrow services, whereby the latter include the opening of escrow bank accounts and acting as an escrow agent in commercial transactions. In accordance to the Act, commercial transactions include the following transactions and any other transaction connected or ancillary thereto:

  1. securities offerings, whether to the public or for private placement, portfolio management and custody of investment instruments;
  2. the securitisation of assets;
  3. the grant of real or personal security interests including hypothecs, mortgages, privileges, pledges and guarantees;
  4. collective investment schemes;
  5. employee benefit or retirement schemes or arrangements;
  6. syndicated loan agreements and other multi-creditor banking facilities;
  7. insurance policies and the payment of proceeds thereunder;
  8. timeshare and multi-property structures.

Our escrow services enable our clients to have sound business relationships and carry out commercial transactions at ease. Should you wish to know more about these services, kindly contact us in order to provide you with a bespoke service.

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