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Malta enters into Double Taxation Treaty with ...

The Republic of Malta has further enhanced its double taxation treaty network by entering into a new treaty with the Republic of Armenia.

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Is royalty income passive or active? ...

The successful development and deployment of Intellectual Property leads to economic gain for the holder while offering benefits to society at large through the exploitation and utilisation of what has been created.

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How is rental income taxed?

Not everyone is aware than Malta changed its rental withholding tax options in 2015, which means that as a lessor, you now how even more flexible options of how to go about things related to your rental income.

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Taxation of Employment income - comparison between ...

To fully understand the tax opportunities that arise out of taxation of non-domiciled residents in Malta, it is essential to understand the meaning of domicile and resident status under Maltese law.

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Proposed Changes to the Remittance Basis of ...

Following the 2018 Budget, delivered by the Minister of Finance earlier in October this year, one of the changes being proposed in the said Budget Bill, relates to the remittance basis of taxation.

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Double taxation Agreement between Malta and the ...

Successive Maltese governments have sought to enter into double taxation agreements with other countries to encourage international trade and the growth of financial services, while at the same time curbing tax evasion.

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Employment Income Taxation in Malta ...

If you are a resident and work in Malta, you are subject to pay Income Tax to the Inland Revenue Department. Taxation in Malta follows similar employment brackets to the rest of the EU. Income Tax contributions scale up as income increases and there are five brackets where the range spans from 0% up to 35% taxation on income. There are three rates - one for single individuals, one for married couples and one for parents.

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Malta - Curacao Double Taxation Agreement initialled ...

  Malta and Curacao have started negotiating a double taxation agreement aimed to facilitate business and provide for exchange of information on tax matters to combat international tax avoidance and evasion. The agreement needs to be signed and ratified before it enters into force.

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Malta Fully Compliant with Transparency and Exchange ...

According to the report drawn up by the OECD's Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, Malta is in full conformity with the international requirements on transparency standards and exchange of information for tax purposes. This gives testimony to the strong reputation that Malta has as a law-abiding jurisdiction. To re...

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