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Employment and Industrial Relations Act Malta

The Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) was enacted in 2002 by the Maltese Parliament to consolidate and build on earlier laws, rolling them into one and subsequently bringing the Act into line with the EQ Aqcuis Communitaire.

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Remote gaming regulations Malta

Remote gaming is a cornerstone of the Maltese economy – representing 12 percent of Gross Domestic Product - and Malta has consistently been on the front foot with applying legislation to help foster the industry and attract big companies to do business on the island.

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What is the Schengen Treaty?

The Schengen Agreement was originally signed in 1985 with the principle purpose of abolishing border checks between signatories.

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What is Malta ICT Law?

Business is increasingly being made in the digital space and this has led to the need for an umbrella of laws to be updated to cover this new reality alongside traditional marketplaces.

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Special Purpose Vehicle in Malta

Many high-net-worth are choosing Malta as a place to invest due to the favourable tax regime in place for companies, a booming economy, access to the European Union’s markets and strategic geographic position. 

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Malta China Connection - China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Incentivized in restoring the ancient “silk road”- a historical trade route dated from 2nd century B.C. originated in Xi’an, China and stretched through West Asia, Europe, and Africa, the Chinese government has implemented the One Belt One Road or the Best Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013.

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Inheritance - Rights of heirs overview

Maltese law provides for the rights of inheritance heirs through the express intentions of the deceased through a legal will, or through other means expressly provided for in the absence of a dedicated will.

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What is Malta famous for?

Malta is an island paradise enjoying a gorgeous climate, fabulous food, great beaches and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

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What makes a contract legal in Maltese Law

Maltese law defines a contract as a written agreement made between two or more parties which creates obligations which are subject to enforcement and recognition in the eyes of the law.

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The Difference between Duties of a Director and Duties of a Company Secretary

Two of the most important posts within an organisation’s management hierarchy are those of director and company secretary.

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