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EU Directive (Council Directive 2018/822/EU) ...

The sixth version of the EU Directive on administrative cooperation, commonly known as DAC6, has been adopted by the Council of the European Union on the 25th May 2018, and transposed into Maltese law by virtue of Legal Notice 342 of 2019, on the 17th December 2019.

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Mr Frederic Villa appointed Honorary Consul of ...

We are pleased to announce that Mr Frederic Villa, Founder and Managing Director of Integritas Group, has been appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin in Malta!

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Aviation management companies in Malta ...

Malta has a long-established and illustrious reputation within the aviation sector and one can find a huge cross-section of aviation management companies in Malta, which have taken advantage of excellent facilities and a very favourable tax regime.

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Car cash allowance Malta

Car cash allowances can be given to employees in Malta if they use their vehicle while on official business.

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All you need to know about vehicle ...

Vehicle registration in Malta is quite a straightforward affair, which involves applying through Transport Malta, the directorate responsible for all forms of travel on the islands.

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Employment and Industrial Relations Act Malta ...

The Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) was enacted in 2002 by the Maltese Parliament to consolidate and build on earlier laws, rolling them into one and subsequently bringing the Act into line with the EQ Aqcuis Communitaire.

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Remote gaming regulations Malta ...

Remote gaming is a cornerstone of the Maltese economy – representing 12 percent of Gross Domestic Product - and Malta has consistently been on the front foot with applying legislation to help foster the industry and attract big companies to do business on the island.

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What is the Schengen Treaty?

The Schengen Agreement was originally signed in 1985 with the principle purpose of abolishing border checks between signatories.

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What is Malta ICT Law?

Business is increasingly being made in the digital space and this has led to the need for an umbrella of laws to be updated to cover this new reality alongside traditional marketplaces.

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Special Purpose Vehicle in Malta ...

Many high-net-worth are choosing Malta as a place to invest due to the favourable tax regime in place for companies, a booming economy, access to the European Union’s markets and strategic geographic position. 

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