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Mr Frederic Villa appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin for the Republic of Malta

We are pleased to announce that Mr Frederic Villa, Founder and Managing Director of Integritas Group, has been appointed Honorary Consul of the Republic of Benin for the Republic of Malta!

Mr Frederic Villa holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Hons.) in Banking and Finance from the University of Lausanne and has a vast knowledge and experience in banking, wealth management, savings and investments, as well as compliance and Anti money laundering. He is also a recognized specialist in Immigration matters such as residence-by-investment and Citizenship-by-investment.

Mr Villa is a Swiss and Italian National and speaks French, Italian, English, German fluently and understands Spanish. He is also a fellow of Rotary Club La Valette Malta (RCLVM) and member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP) and holds the Foundation Certificate in Trust Management from the IFSP.

The Republic of Benin

The Republic of Benin, formerly known as Dahomey, is a country in West Africa, whose majority of the population lives on the small southern coastline of the Bight of Benin, part of the Gulf of Guinea in the northernmost tropical portion of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, with Cotonou being the seat of government. Benin covers an area of 114,763 square kilometres and its population in 2020 is estimated to be approximately 12 million. Benin is a tropical nation, highly dependent on agriculture, and is a large exporter of cotton and palm oil. Substantial employment and income arise from subsistence farming.

Benin’s official language is French. However, various other indigenous languages such as Bariba, Dendi, Fon and Yoruba are widely spoken.

The largest religious group in Benin is Roman Catholicism, with Islam, Vodun and Protestantism following closely.

Benin is a member of the United Nations, the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, La Francophonie, the Community of Sahel–Saharan States, the African Petroleum Producers Association and the Niger Basin Authority.

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