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Reasons why Malta is ideal to register airplanes

Malta is an island nation, sitting right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed with a beautiful mild climate and steeped in history and tradition, the country is a booming European Union member state, perfect to register airplanes.

Register Airplanes and Benefit from Corporate Tax Incentives

Since 2007, Malta has implemented a very attractive corporate tax system whereby non-residents can claim tax refunds.

The standard corporate tax rate of 35 percent can often be reduced to about 5 percent. In addition, income from international transport of goods and passengers outside of Malta is exempt from tax.

Malta falls under the jurisdiction of the European Aviation Safety Agency, meaning that the Maltese aircraft registry holds operators to some of the highest safety standards and regulation in the world.

The Maltese aircraft registry is also bestowed with a Federal Aviation Administration in the United States of America because of the highest standards that are in place.

Flexibility when you register airplanes

These two seals of approval mean that registering an aircraft in Malta offers both private and commercial aircraft owners peace of mind.

Registering an aircraft in Malta allows great flexibility for international operators. Malta is within easy reach of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Aircraft on the Maltese register can be based and operated anywhere in the world. Aircraft which are in production or not in service can also be placed on the register.

Furthermore, the Maltese Government introduced a policy where aircraft are not subject to stamp duty and no duty is charged when importing a civil-use aircraft into the country.

Circulate freely in the EU when you register in Malta

Malta has been a fully member of the European Union since 2004 and as a result, the Maltese aircraft registry allows aircraft to circulate freely within the eurozone, allowing for tax free commercial operations.

Both commercial and private aircraft operators enjoy significant benefits when registering aircraft in Malta.

Malta offers a robust legislative environment and an extensive network of double taxation agreements, making it an ideal place to move to and do business out of.

The country also adheres to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, which sets international standards for leases, security interests and registration of contracts.

Long term benefits for owners of airplanes

Aircraft registration in Malta also offers the advantage of beneficial accelerate depreciation periods.

If an aircraft is on the Maltese register the minimum period to claim deduction on airframe, engine and overhaul has been reduced to six year and four years for interiors and furnishing.

Aircraft registration in Malta also allows for fractional ownership. This means that co-owners able to specify a percentage stake in the aircraft, each financed by a separate creditor.

Use of private aircraft by non-residents employed by a company which owns, leases or operates aircraft transporting internationally, is not qualified as a taxable fringe benefit.

Malta’s aviation industry is booming. Major airlines fly into the country on a schedule basis and the jurisdiction is known for its seriousness and good name.

Multiple aircraft servicing companies have also set up shop in Malta, meaning that if you do register an aircraft here, you will enjoy the benefits of being close to industry leading companies and their knowledge base.

Everyone speaks English and local experts ready to assist with aircraft repair, maintenance, crew training and any other related tasks.

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