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All you need to know about vehicle registration in Malta

Vehicle registration in Malta is quite a straightforward affair, which involves applying through Transport Malta, the directorate responsible for all forms of travel on the islands.

Before getting into the nitty gritty of vehicle registration in Malta, it is first worth noting a few important things.

In Malta, traffic drives on the left, like the UK, Ireland and Cyprus.In order to drive on the islands, one must hold a valid driving licence and the vehicle must be adequately insured and have current registration plates.

The minimum driving age is 18 and seatbelts must be worn at all times, both in the front and rear seats. It is illegal to smoke in a vehicle containing minors.

Contraventions may be issued by the police as well as local wardens. In the event of an accident one is to inform the police or wardens, but in the case of a bumper to bumper accident, the relevant form must be filled out.

It is also worth noting that there are a number of park and ride facilities in Malta and parking is, in general, limited.

It is also worthremembering that Valletta, the capital, has an automated entry charge system, and bills are mailed to the registered vehicle owner’s address.

New or used vehicle registration in Malta

The Registration and Licensing of all Motor Vehicles in Malta is regulated by the Motor Vehicles Registration and Licensing Act (Cap. 368) and the Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles, Subsidiary Legislation 368.02.

If one is buying a new vehicle in Malta, the seller or dealer can perform the registration through the website, although one can also do this oneself.

If one has bought a used vehicle, one would need to take it to the Technical Unit at the Land Transport Directorate in Floriana for inspection, together with the logbook and the vehicle registration value. Once the roadworthiness and value of the car is established, the vehicle can be registered through the Vehicle Registration website.

Bringing a car into Malta for registration

If one is planning to register a vehicle in Malta which one has brought in from another EU state, one must visit to establish the value of the registration tax. An appointment with Transport Malta can be set through their website or by calling on 2123 3029.

Once this has been done, one must take the vehicle for inspection as per above. In order to register the vehicle, one would need to be in possession of the vehicle’s logbook. If the car had previous owners, then their signatures must also be present on the logbook.

Once the carpasses inspection, the vehicle can be registered through the website or by going to Transport Malta.

That’s it, you’ve got your wheels and you are on your way!

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