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Innovative Initiatives in the Maritime Sector ...

The Maritime Proof of Concept Fund was recently launched by the Government of Malta, in collaboration with the University of Malta and Transport Malta.

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Amendments to the Merchant Shipping Regulations ...

On the 21st February 2020, Legal Notice 31 of 2020 was published, bringing with it various important amendments to the Merchant Shipping (Shipping Organisations – Private Companies) Regulations.

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Merchant Shipping Act Malta

All ship registrations in Malta and the provision of related services are regulated by The Merchant Shipping Act Malta, under the auspices of the Transport Ministry which is responsible for maritime affairs.

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Malta flag state requirements for seafarers ...

Malta ratified the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention in January 2013 and transposed it into the Merchant Shipping Rules under the auspices of the Merchant Shipping Directorate in August of that year.

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What is Maritime Law?

Malta has the largest ship registry in the European Union with over 8,000 ships under her flag and 74 million gross tonnes plying the world’s shipping routes under her flag.

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Reasons why Malta is ideal to register ...

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is an archipelago which has a long and rich history intertwined with the sea. It is a modern EU state, and an idyllic sailing and yachting destination blessed with incredible scenery.

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New Guidelines on VAT Treatment of Short-Term ...

The VAT Department in Malta has issued new guidelines on the VAT treatment of short-term Yacht Chartering, where the term of the charter does not exceed 90 days. A short term charter of a yacht is a supply of a service and is therefore treated at the standard rate of VAT. However the taxation of this supply of service shall be limited to the portion of ...

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The Malta Ship Register

Malta, a member of the European Union, located in the heart of the Mediterranean has developed one of the most reputable ship registers in the world, having the largest ship register in Europe and offering a wide array of international maritime services. Although previously notoriously known as a flag of convenience, the Malta flag has today become a flag of choice that many seek out as their main and first choice of flag. The Malta Ship Register was launched in the mid-1970s, although maritime tradition in Malta dates back thousands of years. The...

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VAT Treatment of Short-Term Yacht Chartering ...

The VAT Department in Malta has recently issued new guidelines regarding the treatment of VAT on short-term yacht charters. A short-term charter, in accordance to the guidelines is considered to be an agreement whereby the owner of the yacht contracts the use of the yacht for a consideration, either with a crew or on a bare boat basis. The short-term yacht charter, used for the purposes of leisure, is considered for VAT purposes to be a supply of a service which is taxable at a standard rate of VAT and the place of taxation is considered to be the...

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