Investment Funds

Investment funds allow you to join with other investors to reduce individual investment costs and risk. A designated professional from the Integritas Group will be your fund manager and can help you find co-investors and guide you toward a lucrative future.

What are Investment Funds?

Investment funds are collective or mutual investment schemes where a group of individuals invest in a single fund.

There are public and private investment funds. While investment funds have their origins in public mutual funds, today there are also a number of private funds, including hedge funds and private equity funds.

Why Should I Take Part in an Investment Fund?

Investment funds take a lot of the pressure and work-load out of investing. In part, this is because of dispersing the financial responsibility among your co-investors. Thus you can:

  • Reduce your personal cost for transactions
  • Reduce personal financial risk
  • Share cost of investment manager

Your Investment Fund Manager

The Integritas Group will assign a professional who is devoted to your investment fund. The investment fund manager's role is to maximise your financial gain while minimising your mental strain.
Experienced in researching the most rewarding investment for your group, your investment manager will also ensure that all transactions are timely, efficient, and according to regulations.

Why Join an Investment Fund in Malta?

Malta has swiftly become one of the world’s leader in producing comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework for setting-up, licensing and marketing of Collective Investment Funds and Professional Investment Funds.

This balance of legislation and product focus has enabled Malta to rapidly become a preferred jurisdiction for Non-Retail Funds, grounded in a UK-modelled professional services architecture and beneficial tax treatment.

Malta domiciled funds and investments have several advantages resulting in significant cost/benefit value:

  • Malta is a European Union member state with internationally accepted regulatory standards
  • As a member of the European Union, Malta’s laws and regulations are fully compliant with EU directives governing financial services.
  • Malta welcomes business and international investors. Thanks to political consensus from its outset, the financial sector in Malta now contributes 12% of the island’s GDP and all parties remain openly committed to ensure this sector’s expansion as a main pillar of the Maltese economy.
  • Malta has a stable legal and political environment.
  • Malta has an advantageous geo-strategic Mediterranean position making it well connected to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Finally, Malta’s long history as a maritime centre, international tax treaty network of more than 50 treaties, and multi-lingual professionals immediately introduces you to a global network of partners and potential clients

Experience, Local and Global Network, and Professionalism

The Integritas’ Group’s experts are equipped to help you take advantage of all the financial gains that await you under Maltese investment codes. Let our professionals utilise our knowledge of local regulations and our global network to guide you toward the Investment Fund that is right for you.

Below you’ll find further details regarding investment funds. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, contact us.


As Collective Investment Schemes, Professional Investor Funds (PIFs) are regulated by the Investment Services Act 1994 as amended in 2002. The Act ensures investor protection within a stable and attractive market, enabling participants to conduct their business in or from Malta.

Furthermore the Act provides the statutory basis for the licensing and regulation of persons and companies wishing to set up investment services undertakings and collective investment schemes.

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single regulator of financial services in Malta. The Investment Services Act delegates extensive rule making powers to the MFSA including the power to issue guidelines and directives to operators in the sector as well as to negotiate with market participants on an individual basis with the aim of providing the necessary licences to operate. In view of the professional nature and investor base of PIFs, the MFSA offers a streamlined and rapid processing procedure for licence applications. The Authority is also mindful of the importance of providing licence holders with the freedom to innovate and to develop new products to meet the changing needs to the market. The overall objective of the Authority is to reduce to an acceptable minimum the information and documentation needed to establish a PIF.

Maltese Law is very clear in terms of the necessity for a PIF to operate in or from Malta (including the use of Malta as a base) to hold the necessary licence provided by the MFSA.

Versatility of a Malta Professional Investor Fund

PIFs can be used for a variety of investment strategies, and can hold different assets such as securities, bonds, derivatives, money instruments, debt instruments, other funds, tangible movables and immovable property. This flexibility in terms of investment strategy and underlying asset holding makes PIFs ideal to be used as a fully-fledged hedge fund or private equity fund.

It is important to note that promoters of Malta registered PIFs have the option to utilize a self-managed fund with a Fund Manager operating from outside Malta. Furthermore, Malta registered PIFs can also be used for umbrella or multi-class funds through the utilization and protection afforded by segregated cell companies which enjoy distinct legal personalities.

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