Malta Ordinary Residence Permit

Malta Ordinary Residence Permit

Any national of the European Union may apply for an ordinary residence permit in Malta subject to the requirements of the respective bases are fulfilled. The bases upon which an individual may apply for an ordinary residence permit in Malta are: economic self-sufficiency, employment/self-employment, study and permanent residence. 

Ordinary Residents Taxation

An individual resident in Malta but not domiciled in Malta would be chargeable on income arising in Malta or which is made abroad and remitted to Malta. Capital sums remitted to Malta are not taxed in Malta. Tax rates in Malta range from 0% - 35% according to the tax bracket which an individual would fall into, in the same manner as other Maltese nationals. There is no restriction as to the extent of income that should be remitted to Malta each year and there is no minimum remittance requirement. An ordinary resident will file a tax return in the month of June of every year. 

Resident Permit Issue

Once the documents have been submitted to the authorities, an individual would be granted a provisional ordinary residence certificate which can be used to present to authorities in their home country but which cannot be used for travel purposes, until the actual residence permit is issued. An ordinary residence permit is issued with a validity period of five years which should thereafter be renewed. 

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