Residence Portugal by Investment

The program gives an immediate right to reside in Portugal. After 6 years of residence, the applicant can apply for the Portuguese nationality.


- Purchase of real estate – EUR 500,000 (this amount is decreased to EUR 350,00 if the property is more than 30 years old); the property can be purchased with 20% reduction (EUR 400,000 and EUR 280,000, respectively) if the property is located in low density population area;


- An investment of at least EUR 1 mil deposited in a bank account – this amount of money can be further invested with a return;


- Capital Investment – EUR 350,000 (in research activities);


- Capital Investment – EUR 250,000 (in arts or reconstruction of national heritage projects);


- Capital Investment – EUR 500,000 (in investment fund or venture capital);


- Creating a company in Portugal – the employer must create 10 jobs.


Permanent residence is acquired within 6 months and citizenship in 18 months.

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