Residence Permit in Malta

Malta Residency Permits are available for varying lengths of time depending on your nationality. The great news is that Integritas can handle your residency application, allowing you to enjoy all that Maltese residency entails without the extra hassle.

If you’re envisioning continued business in Malta and wish to set up residence in Malta or are a Highly-Specialised individual, Integritas can also guide you toward the options available to you.

Read below to find out more about your residency options and how Integritas can expedite and ease your path to a Maltese residency permit.

Malta Residence Permits for EU, EEA, and Third Country Nationals

Any EU and EEA or third country national residing in Malta for a period of more than three months is required to obtain a permit from the competent authorities in Malta.

There are three categories for residency permits:

  • Ordinary Residence requires that an individual has been physically living in Malta for a period of three months or more and is currently working in Malta or is able to financially support himself and his family.
  • Temporary residence can be granted to a person who is following an education here in Malta.
  • Permanent residence can be applied for by an EU/EEA national and his family members once they have been living in Malta for a continuous period of five years (provided that such applicants have not absented themselves from Malta for more than six months a year). The applicants should be employed, self-employed, studying, or economically self-sufficient throughout the five year period.

Residence Scheme for Highly Specialized Individuals

Individuals who receive an employment income from an eligible office will be subject to a tax benefit consisting of a flat tax rate of 15% on their employment income (rather than the progressive rates of tax capped at 35%).

The purpose of these rules is to encourage expatriates working within specialised sectors to relocate to Malta and increase Malta’s attractiveness as a reputable financial services centre.

Income is considered to derive from a qualifying contract of employment when it relates to employment income of a minimum of €75,000 consisting of emoluments from an ‘eligible office’.

The latter relates to an employment in any one of the following positions:

  • Head of Marketing, Head of Investor Relations.
  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officer;
  • Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer, Senior Trader/Trader, Senior Analyst (including Structuring Professional), Actuarial Professional, Chief Underwriting Officer, Chief Insurance Technical officer;

An individual under this scheme shall benefit from the 15% tax rate if the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The individual is not domiciled in Malta
  • The employment contract is subject to the laws of Malta for the purposes of carrying out genuine and effective work;
  • The individual is able to demonstrate that employment income received is related to employment activities carried out in Malta;
  • The individual is able to demonstrate that the employment activities carried out are in relation to the functions of an eligible office;
  • The individual has not benefitted from any other deductions available to investment services expatriates;
  • The individual fully discloses for tax purposes and declares emoluments received in respect of income from a qualifying contract of employment;
  • The individual is able to demonstrate that he has adequate and specific competence and is in possession of professional qualifications and has at least 5 years’ experience;

The reduced rate of tax applies for a consecutive period of five years for EEA and Swiss nationals and for a consecutive period of four years for other nationals.

Whatever your residency or citizenship goals are, the Integritas Group can handle your needs in the most efficient manner possible. Contact us today for more detailed information!

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