Our Services: Private Client and Corporate Services

From handling your personal trust accounts to corporate mergers, Integritas offers specialised services suited to both individual and corporate needs.

Individuals looking to secure or invest their assets, or perhaps relocate to the sunny shores and booming economy of Malta, will want to take advantage of our Private Client Services. Our Corporate Services personnel are trained to guide, organise, and advise your company toward your secure financial future.

Personal attention and EU viability...get the best of both worlds! We can help you take advantage of all the possibilities of Malta’s unique tax-structure while assuring full integration in the European market system. Let Integritas show you how to take advantage of all that Malta has to offer you.

Our services may be divided into Private and Corporate Services

Private Client Services:

  • Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP): interested in relocating to Malta? Let Integritas guide you toward the benefits of Maltese indefinite residency;
  • Individual Investor Program (IIP): find out more about the unique citizenship programme of the EU and the benefits that an EU citizenship can give you;
  • Global Residence Program (GRP): residence specifically for third country nationals (excluding EEA and Swiss nationals)
  • Setting up of Trusts in Malta: let us secure the future of your assets
  • Ship and Yacht Registration: open to EU and non-EU individuals. Let us show you the ropes!

Corporate Services:

  • Company Incorporation and Administration:put our organisational experience to work for you
  • Redomiciliation of Companies: learn the advantages of basing your business in Malta
  • Registration of Branches in Malta: expand your business into the EU
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: let us strategise and organise the growth of your corporation
  • Investment Funds: from mutual funds to hedge funds, let us guide you toward the best use of your assets
  • Virtual Offices: from establishing e-bank accounts to acquiring physical office space, we are equipped to meet your needs

So whether it’s for your individual needs or multi-national corporate planning, the Integritas’ Group’s team of experts is equipped to work with you toward the solution and future you want to make a reality.

Additional Relevant Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also provide clients with a host of legal and consultancy services, including:

  • Assistance in Property Purchase: Looking for a modest flat for guests, or looking to invest in a penthouse with a sea-view? Or perhaps you’d like to set up offices for you and your team? Integritas can guide you through legal details while helping you secure the property that will work for you.
  • Property Rental: If you’re considering a shorter stay in Malta, or are looking to rent out your own property, Integritas is ready to assist
  • Additional Ancillary Services: If you have specific needs beyond those you see listed, please get in touch and ask. With over 30 years in the financial services industry, our experts are equipped to handle many of your financial needs. If you have requirements that extend beyond our field of expertise, we are happy to use our global network of trusted partners to find the guidance you need.


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