The Company

Our History: Native Knowledge, Global Network

Founded in 2011, the Integritas Group was built on the sturdy foundation of over thirty years of experience in Swiss Private Banking, EU Trusts, and an international network of partners.

Today, the Integritas Group is a multidisciplinary firm providing Citizenship By Investment (CBI), Residence By Investment (RBI), ordinary residence, corporate, trusteeship and fiduciary services to clients around the world with a special interest in assets and business in the European Union (EU).

Our location in Malta provides many unique benefits for corporations and business-minded individuals who are interested in exploring secure possibilities with their finances. The Integritas Group can guide you through Maltese law and present you with some unique opportunities to help you reach or exceed your financial goals.

With a time-saving knowledge of the unique features of Maltese laws, our team is a sensible choice for businesses and individuals looking to secure and grow their businesses and assets within a well renowned European jurisdiction.

Contact us to see how Integritas can present you with possibilities you’ve not encountered before.

Our Structure: the Winning Combination

The Integritas Group is essential three firms in one. To ensure that you get both the specialization and integration you need, the Integritas Group combines four firms:

  1. Integritas Relocation Services Ltd, a company specialising in assisting clients with Citizenship By Investment (CBI) and Residence By Investment (RBI) applications;
  2. Integritas Trustees Ltd, a trustee company authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Trusts and Trustees Act to provide trustee and fiduciary services.
  3. Integritas Corporate Services Ltd, a company services provider.
  4. Integritas Consulting Ltd, specialising in directorship services.

Together these firms assist corporate and private clients in establishing corporate and asset management structures, both in Malta as well internationally, as well as acquiring Maltese residence and citizenship.

This unique combination enables Integritas to provide individuals and corporations with financial services and organisational support that are both customised and have global reach.

Services: Growing and Securing Your Finances

The Integritas Group offers specialised services for both individuals and corporations. Our personnel are trained to help you take advantage of the unique tax-structure of Malta while enjoying full integration in the European market system.

Our areas of specialization include corporate services, relocation services to Malta including Citizenship By Investment (CBI) and Residence By Investment (RBI) and fiduciary services, amongst other personalised services. To find out more about these services and how they accommodate your assets in Malta, increase your financial growth and stability, and increase the efficiency of your company, click here.

If you have specific needs beyond those you see listed, please get in touch and ask. With over 30 years in the financial services industry, our experts are equipped to handle many of your financial needs. If you have requirements that extend beyond our field of expertise, we are happy to use our global network of trusted partners to find the guidance you need.

Our Ethos: Integrity in All We Do

As our name attests, integrity toward our clients, partners, and our own personnel is the core value of Integritas Group. We serve our clients with transparency and reliability to consistently produce professional excellence.

It is on the basis of our integrity and recognised expertise that we have built a strong international network of partners and clients while maintaining a relationship with local businesses and governance.