Commercial Yacht Registration in Malta

Commercial Yacht Registration in Malta

Malta offers many advantages to yacht owners who want to operate their yacht commercially. This is why the registration of a commercial vessel under the Maltese flag is enjoying an ever growing popularity, not only regionally but also worldwide.

Registering a Commercial Yacht

Yachts that are a minimum of 15 meters in length and carry a maximum of 12 passengers, can be registered as a commercial yacht under the Malta Flag. In this case the yacht has to comply with the requirements of the Commercial Yacht Code, under the Authority for Transport in Malta.

Registration Procedures in Malta

In order to register a commercial yacht under the Malta Flag, the yacht is subject to a pre-registration survey and it is required to meet certain standards and comply with the Commercial Yacht Code, prior to being granted a Certificate of Compliance.

Benefits for Yachts in Malta 

A commercial yacht that is registered under the Malta flag is normally subject to an annual tax on its tonnage instead of ordinary income tax. 

Anyone who registers a yacht under the Malta Flag shall profit from an excellent legal system with an efficient registration system and low registration costs.

Integritas can give you personal advice about registration of your commercial yacht in Malta, or professional guidance coordinating the entire registration procedure.

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