Commercial Yacht Registration in Malta

More yachts in the EU proudly hoist the Maltese maritime flag than any other flag, and there’s good reason for that. Just as your company can enjoy great economic incentives and efficient processing on the shores of Malta, registering a commercial yacht in Malta is a fast process with some of the cheapest rates in the EU.

Who Can Register a Commercial Yacht?

A commercial yacht can be registered by 1) an EU citizen residing in Malta, 2) a Maltese corporate entity, 3) non-EU citizens with businesses in Malta (the yacht would need to be registered in the name of the business that is registered in Malta).

How Long is the Registration Process?

The registration usually depends on the age of the yacht and whether it is in line with the Commercial Yacht Code of Malta. The professionals at the Integritas Group ‘know the ropes’, so we can make sure your yacht is registered as swiftly and effortlessly as possible.

Transport Malta writes, ”Yachts are first registered provisionally under the Malta Flag for six months (extendible for a further period, or periods not exceeding in the aggregate six months) during which period all documentation needs to be finalised.”

Commercial Registration

The use of a commercial yacht would fall under Malta’s laws for commercial registration (For information on private yacht registration in Malta, click here).

According to the Transport Authority:


Integritas’ experts are ready to organise your materials so you can hoist the Maltese maritime flag as quickly as possible. Painless, low-cost docking, calm waves, and sunny skies lie ahead!

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